Empowering Educators to
Inspire and Elevate.

The educational landscape has transformed, but many learning platforms haven’t kept pace. Why settle for the past? At Nabda, we’re not just participating; we’re leading the change. We’re reimagining education for teachers and students alike—join us in shaping the future of learning.

Our story

Nabda was born from our personal frustrations with the online classes we have attended. Driven by a desire to understand why online learning so often falls short, we embarked on a journey of discovery. We quickly realized a fundamental truth: both teachers and students are drastically underserved by the current tools available for online education.

As we delved deeper into the essence of education and the dynamics of learning, these insights became the cornerstone of Nabda. Our goal extends beyond merely creating another educational platform; we aim to revolutionize online learning. At Nabda, we’re committed to leading the charge in transforming how we teach and learn in the digital age.

Leadership at Nabda

We’re on a mission to empower schools and educators with advanced tools that enhance and engage online learning.

  • Sulaiman Hamouda

    Sulaiman is an engineer with a passion for enhancing online education. Skilled in programming and machine learning, he is focused on developing straightforward, effective platforms that bridge knowledge with today's digital world, making learning more accessible for everyone.

  • Omar Abdul Rahman

    Omar is a software engineer deeply committed to technological innovation. His expertise lies in building robust backend systems for Nabda, focusing on enhancing functionality and user experience through scalable and efficient solutions.

Improve the quality of your classes by letting us handle the technical stuff.

Enhance your teaching capabilities and gain access to all the essential tools required to manage your school and conduct your classes effortlessly.

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